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Half Soft Frost

Original price $95.00 - Original price $880.00
Original price
$95.00 - $880.00
Current price $95.00
Size: 4x4 Slip On

Half Soft Frost Diffusion 

Used as a diffusion. Helps blend shadows lightly without eliminating the sheen. 

Key Features

  • Equipped with grommets every 24" for easy setup.
  • Accompanied by a durable Black Rag Bag.
  • Corner elastics ensure a snug fit on frames, facilitating quick application.
  • Offers full customization to match your preferred dimensions. 

Available in multiple sizes. Each item is made to order. Lead times vary and can range from 1 - 3 weeks based on our orders and inventory.

We ship with FedEx, USPS, or UPS for all rags, flags, and canvas items. If you are ordering any large items (such as carts) with this product, please note that the shipping rate shown at checkout will not include the price for freight.  Due to variable shipping rates, we recommend contacting us for the most current rates once your order is placed. If you opt for warehouse pick-up after placing your order, no further action is required.

For custom sizes or other requests (such as bag color or branding) contact us directly at:

Or reach out with your inquiry at our "Request a Quote" and fill out the customization form.